How Long do Contacts Last?

The better you take care of your contacts, the longer they’re likely to last. Even then, they do have a finite lifespan. Disposables have the shortest life of all, and should be thrown away after a week, two weeks maximum. Soft contacts, on the other hand, typically last about one year. With the more durable hard or rigid gas permeable lenses, you can expect to get two or three years of wear. Largely, this is because hard lenses are more resistant to buildup and absorption of harmful material. However, both hard and soft lenses will wear out sooner, if not cleaned and handled properly. Soft contacts in particular can become brittle and torn, when allowed to dry out between wearings. Even if the contacts themselves are in good shape, sometimes they may need replaced, if your vision has changed. It’s a good idea to see your opthalmologist once a year, so your prescription may be evaluated.

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