Buying Eyeglasses in Kitchener – Waterloo

Kinds of eyeglasses frames

EyeframesMost optical eyeglasses stores have a staggering number of frames to choose from. You can make the task easier by sticking with those that flatter your face, and work best with your particular prescription. You don’t need to buy huge eyeglass frames just because you have a strong eyeglasses prescription. Actually, you’ll be better off choosing a smaller frame for strong prescriptions, to reduce the weight and thickness of the lenses. Consider the shape of your face; when you find a pair of frames that look good, search for others in that general shape or eyeglasses brands. Also, how do the glasses fit on your nose? If the bridge of your nose is uneven, you may find metal frames more comfortable than plastic. Most metal frames feature nose pads that can be adjusted independently on each side.

Your climate and lifestyle are yet another consideration. If you’re active, and live where it’s hot and humid, plastic frames do better in such conditions; the salt from sweat tends to corrode metal frames. When going shopping, it’s good to take a friend or family member along for advice. If you’re still not sure, some opticians in Kitchener will let you wear a pair of glasses home to show your friends, and exchange them later, if you change your mind.

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