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Welcome to Lens Master Optical Eyeglasses Store located at 598 Belmont and Glasgow in Kitchener, Ontario.

Lens Master Store in Kitchener

With over 3,000 eyewear frames to choose from and excellent prices to match. We arrange eye examinations for you and accept all competitor coupons. Our knowledgeable, friendly opticians can assist your optical needs from eyeglasses frames, eyewear glasses,  lenses to contact lenses with a smile.



We offer 1 hour service (on most glasses and contacts) and carry a wide selection of brand name frames here for your optical needs.

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Lens Master Optical Store in Kitchener

What is PRK?

P-R-K stands for photorefractive keratectomy, a laser procedure designed to improve vision in those with myopia or nearsightedness. Unlike previous surgeries that were done with scalpels, P-R-K uses an eximer laser to reshape the cornea, resulting in a smoother, more … Read more…

Vision Correction Using Lasers

You’ve probably heard about the new laser eye treatment that allows you to be free of glasses and contacts. This is possible due to advances in the field of refractive surgery with excimer lasers. Specifically, P-R-K and LASIK (LAY-sick) are … Read more…

Using LASIK, “Flap and Zap”, and the Excimer laser

LASIK, which stands for Laser Assisted in Keratonileusis (care-uh-tuh-mee-lee-us), refers to a laser treatment for the central cornea beneath a hinged flap of corneal tissue. LASIK is similar to A-L-K, Automated Lammellar Keratectomy (luh-MELL-er care-uh-teck-tuh-mee) which is a procedure used … Read more…


When the cornea (KOR-nee-ah), which is the clear front covering of the eye, becomes scarred or clouded by injury or disease, vision can be impaired to the point that a corneal transplant is needed. A cornea transplant is performed with … Read more…